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Round Spaces

Round Spaces

If you're managing a lot of rounds with your community, you can manage them using Round Spaces.

Connecting Your wallet

Like most Web3 Dapps, Round Spaces uses your Ethereum wallet as your primary identifier. If you want to use a Multisig wallet, try out our Gnosis Safe App.

The protocol has been deployed to a variety of other EVM compatible chains, so if you want to set up rounds on those chains, use one of the following:

Setting up your Space

Start by setting some metadata for your board. You can change this information later by going to You will also be able to customize other board settings, like a Twitter or Discord link for your community. If there is other metadata you would like to see,

Round Space

Managing Your Space

All rounds that are created with your wallet appear on your round space. rounds created on with the same wallet will appear here too. You have the option of hiding draft rounds from the space in your Space settings.

round space

Creating a New Round

When you click "Create a Round", you will see a form to create a new on-chain round. Note that this is a little different than the wizard, but you can do all the same things.

round space
Last updated on April 4, 2023